No more large heavy cumbersome bottles… They are replaced by a discrete installation which does not take a lot of space. All of this being more economical.

Water drop in very slow motion.Canada is famous around the world for the quality of its drinking water. However, many people do not drink it because of its chlorine taste and bad smells. So, they will spend a small fortune in purchasing small or large 18 liter water bottles.

Water filtration is an increasingly popular alternative to bottles because it removes chlorine and its by-products from tap water as well as bad tastes and bad smells.

The filtration process provides a better drinking water which is not harmful to the environment contrary to bottled water. Filtration eliminates the need to recycle big bulky plasticraindrop on a leaf bottles and also helps in reducing greenhouse gases in eliminating bottles’ transportation. With filtration, we also eliminate bottles’ storage and the risk of injuries when carrying big heavy water bottles and all of that at a reduced cost!

Filtered water directly from your tap allows you to use it for all kinds of applications:  drinking, cooking, beverages, plants, and so on… And this, without never being afraid to run out of water.