Established since 1990, Momentum has become, over the years, the leader in drinking water filtration. We use the most current technologies, be it activated carbon, reverse osmosis, ultra-violet or ozonation purification to provide you with drinking water of exceptional quality.

Momentum provides solutions in water filtration for residential, commercial, industrial, professional or governmental uses in urban or rural areas.

Above all, Momentum is a team of experts who have been taking care of hundreds of satisfied customers for many years. Our technicians are there to provide fast and efficient after-sales service directly from our offices located in Lachine and Quebec.

faucet with clear waterOur services

Momentum provides maintenance and repair services on existing water filtration installations for residential, commercial or industrial use, throughout the province of Quebec.

We also offer a wide range of filtration products for residences, offices or industries as well as after-sales service.

In the Greater Montreal area our technicians have a duty to respond to service calls within 24 hours on working days.