When should I replace my filters?

It depends on the type of system you own, however, a complete disinfection with filter change is recommended at least once a year.

Which territory do you service?

Product delivery can be done worldwide. Installation service is provided for the province of Quebec and neighbouring territories; 18 liters source water bottles delivery is available in the Greater Montreal area.

If I am a tenant, can I have a water filtration unit?
Without a problem, since the tap water filtration unit can be easily removed and reinstalled at another location.

Is the filtered water cold?

The basic filtration module provides water at the same temperature as from the tap. However, if you prefer cold water, a discrete chilling unit can be added underneath your counter.

Can I do the installation myself?

It depends on your skills and the system chosen. But, generally, a basic module is relatively easy to install using the installation parts & instructions included; or if you prefer, our technicians can do the installation at a reasonable cost.

What is the difference between carbon filtration and reverse osmosis filtration process?

The main difference lies in the degree of filtration; whereas the activated carbon must obligatory be installed on municipal treated water and filters to .5 micron, the reverse osmosis system can be installed on water from a well (a water analysis is required) and will filter to .0005 micron. Moreover, reverse osmosis will remove more substances in water than activated carbon.

What do I need if I have hard water which stains my toilets, sink, bath, and so on?

Most probably you will need a water softener system with a salt container.

What if my water has a sulfer smell (rotten eggs smell)?

You will most probably need a central oxyfilter system.

What can I do to prevent limestone from damaging my appliances such as dishwasher, washing machine, humidifier, heating tank, and so on?

You will probably have to install a central water softener system with a salt container.

What can I do to prevent limestone from damaging my expensive high pressure coffee machine (capuccino, latte…)?

You will need a reverse osmosis system.

Do you provide your services only for residential customers or do you service companies as well?

We service both. Momentum currently provides service to over 3000 corporate customers as well as hundreds of residential customers.